Program Help Mother Earth


Wednesday 3rd of July 2019 10 o´clock start of the council/conferece

Thursday 4th of July 2019 10 o´clock council/conferece


Friday  5th of July 2019 10 o´clock council/conferece


Saturday 6th of July 2019 public council of the elders. Entry from 9 o´clock, beginning at 10 o´clock

 Entrance Fee: 150 € (lunch included) Registration required



Sunday 7th of July 2019 great „Mother-Earth-Healing-Ceremony“ 

Entry from 10 o´clock, beginning at 11 o´clock (Duration approx. 4 hours) 

Energetic exchange: 150 €


Registration public council meeting

Registration for the public council meeting on Saturday, 06.07.2019 is via the registration form until 19.06.2019. The public participation is limited, therefore, a box office is only available for free seats.


Registration Public Council Meeting 2019
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Registration Earth healing ceremony

Registration Earth healing ceremony 2019
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Participating eldest 2019

(who gave the permission to be named in public)


Tunka´shila Oyate-tha-Tacansina



Tunka´shila Oyate-tha-Tacansina spent many years with his Grandfather Tunka´shila, the Eldest of the Numakaki Mandan tribe, on Turtle Island / Canada. Oyate-tha-Tacansina works in the tradition of his ancestors and the Natives of America in North-, Middle- and South America and in Europe for many years. By order of the ancestors he brings Native American wisdom to Europe. He is medicine man and Wicasa Wacan and founded Changlesa Takata (Circle of the future).


In 2017 he got the task from the elders to start these gatherings for Mother Earth.



 Ilarion Merculieff


Ilarion was born and raised on St. Paul Island in the middle of the Bering Sea. He is a member of the tribe Unangan (Unungan), Aleut, and got traditional education.


The care for his people and for mother earth is his biggest concern. He is engaged in climate protection activities. He currently lives in Anchorage, Alaska. His third book „Wisdom Keeper: One Man´s Journey to Honor the Untold Story of the Unangan People“ was published in 2016.



Ida Ayu Purnamawati


Ida Ayu Purnamawati or Dayu, is from an ancient family of hindu priests and healers in Klungkung on the island of Bali.


Dayu teaches Yoga and meditation in her spiritual center Patai Mas in the north of Bali.



   Mario Salomon Caceres Vara


  Cusco - Peru






Mario is a Hanpec Runa Medicine Man, Cougar Shamane and Eldest

He is a direct descendant of Paullo Inca, son of Wayna Capac, former sovereign of the Kingdom of "Pìru".  He is the bearer of original medicine and encountered his initiation at the Holy Mountain of Salkantay, Cusco. By several teachers, he was educated in many parts of the traditional, country-specific Art of Healing and Teaching. He completed a training as a tourist guide in order to officially work and teach at the famous places holy to the people, and established a Healing Center (Casa Real del Sol).

Elisabeth Petrussen Rosing 

Elisabeth is a representative of the eldest of Greenland and drum dancer.

She plays the traditional drum in deep connection with her roots and her ancestors. In the 1980ies she came in touch with the drum for the first time.

She started with painting drums, made sculptures of drums and finally constructed drums. She learned how to play and dance with the drum. Now she passes on her skills to children.

Dr. August Thalhamer

Linz, Austria


August is a r.cath. Theologian and works as psychologist, psychotherapist and urban shaman.

For several years he has been researching into common features as well as differences between Christian, psychotherapeutic and Sha­manic healing methods and their explanations. Some publications on this subject can be found on: