Participating  eldests  2019

(who gave the permission to be named in public)

Tunka´shila Oyaté-tha-Tacansina


Tunka´shila Oyaté-tha-Tacansina spent many years with his Grandfather Tunka´shila, the Eldest of the Numakaki Mandan tribe, on Turtle Island / Canada. Oyaté-tha-Tacansina works in the tradition of his ancestors and the Natives of America in North-, Middle- and South America and in Europe for many years. By order of the ancestors he expands Native American wisdom to Europe. He is a medicine man and a Wicasa Wacan who founded Changlesa Takata (Circle of the future).


Since 2017 he got the task from the elders to start these gatherings for Mother Earth.

Ida Ayu Purnamawati



Ida Ayu Purnamawati or Dayu, is from an ancient family of hindu priests and healers in Klungkung, the smallest regency on Bali, Indonesia.


Dayu teaches Yoga and meditation in her spiritual center Patai Mas in the north of Bali.

Mario Salomon Caceres Vara

Cusco - Peru


Mario is a Hanpec Runa Medicine Man, Cougar Shamane and Eldest.

He is a direct descendant of Paullo Inca, son of Wayna Capac, former sovereign of the Kingdom of "Pìru".  He is the bearer of original medicine who encountered his initiation at the Holy Mountain of Salkantay, Cusco. By several teachers, he was educated in many parts of the traditional, country-specific Art of Healing and Teaching. He completed a training as a tourist guide in order to officially work and teach at the famous holy places to the people, and established a Healing Center (Casa Real del Sol).

Elisabeth Petrussen Rosing



Elisabeth is a representative of the eldest of Greenland and drum dancer.

She plays the traditional drum in deep connection with her roots and her ancestors. In the 80s she came in touch with the drum for the first time.

She started painting drums, making drum sculptures and finally build her own drums. She learned how to play and dance with the drum. Now she passes on her skills to children.

Dr. August Thalhamer

Linz, Austria


August is a r.cath. Theologian and works as psychologist, psychotherapist and urban shaman.

For several years he has been researching commonalities and differences between Christian, psychotherapy and Sha­manic healing methods and their explanations. Some of hispublications on this subject can be found on:

Peta'po B. Nicolas

Berlin, Germany


Peta´ po is Eldest and Medicine Woman of the Canglesa Takata tribe

Peta´ po grew up with the manifold deprivations of a child of the war generation. She mastered all the challenges in her life and now is an enrichment to the Canglesa Takata tribe thanks to her experience and her peaceful, balancing energy. She is a proxy for Oyaté-tha-Tacan'sina and she represents the Eldest of the ancestors of the tribe. Through her, their wisdom flows into the tribe. 



Giuliana - Treviso 



Giuliana is the oldest in the Italian snake clan of the tribe Canglesa Takata

Giuliana was born and raised in a small community in Italy during wartime. She lived in a simple family in contact with nature and the animal kingdom, which she has since loved and respected.

About a year ago, she joined the tribe of Canglesa Takata to continue her development and bring her life experience as a teacher to the younger generations.


Koskanuba – Helmer Twoyoungmen 

Morley/Alberta - Canada


Helmer is the Eldest of the people (tribe) of Stoney, actor and teacher

Koskanuba has encountered - like many of his brothers and sisters - the uncomely dealing with Native Americans, especially with children. This sustainably impacted him, but also guided him through hard times in his adult life. He processed his trauma by truly forgiving. We find Helmer as a cheerful man, his sayings are almost legendary. Especially when it´s getting serious, you can count on him and his remarks that will brighten the situation up. He is campaigning for the preservation of the language and culture of his people (tribe) (Nakota), by teaching them. He is a professional actor.

Maria Steenholdt



Maria works for the spiritual world, is a freelance artist and translator.

She was born in North Greenland with Native American genes and has visionary and spiritual visions.

Mary works for peace, light, harmony and love for the living. She feels how mother earth is suffering.

She regards herself as an eager apprentice on Mother Earth.

Victor Hugo Paz Alvarez (Hermano Ichu)



Ichu (Plant that never dies) was born in Chaupe (Perù). He spent the entire youth in the Andes feeling inside the ancient path of native American culture in order to reach the spiritual teachings of Mother Earth and Father Sky living with the elders "Amauta ". After graduating in economy, this deep experiences and thoughts guided him to carry on this kind of awareness among people all around the world. 

Despite having the title Ambassador of Universal Peace, he considers himself as "a little man in the service of the Great Spirit ". As well, he received the award of Pride of Perù bestowed by the Minister for foreign affairs. In Chaupe he created a Spiritual Native School, where he organizes seminars always connected with the ancient wisdom. He takes part in Amauta elders Councils of the Andes.

Bair Schambalowitsch



Bair comes from the Republic of Buryatia in Siberia. In the Buryat Mongolian tradition one is already born as a shaman and finally called by the ancestors or spirits. He was originally a veterinarian. But 30 years ago, Bair experienced the shamanic disease, the ancestors and spirits called him. He went the shaman's way to initiation in rituals, prayers, trance states, and learned how to deal with the invisible worlds. The task of the shaman is to serve the "great spirit". Tenger is the supreme force, the blue, eternal, mighty heaven, under the control of all spirits and deities. Today he accompanies many people and acts as a mediator. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE FOR HIM TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR EVENT. Therefore, he sends Marina Schoetschel as represenative.

Marina Schoetschel (represents Bair Schambalowitsch)



Her basis is the Mongolian shamanism in Siberia, which is rooted in her family for over 1000 years (member of the Shaman Association Tengeri). Through shamanic practices and rituals, she helps to find out and clarify what are disabling causes in life. Main topics are soul retrieval, closing the door of loss, shamanic energetic cleanings with bell and drum etc.

Other focal points are geomancy and Feng Shui consultations (training and authorization by Feng Shui grandmaster Dr. Jes T.Y. Lim)

Isabella and Matthias Walter



At age 22, Matthias met his native american teacher. After learning from him for 11 years, Matthias was invited to the sun dance ritual. There he got the vision of a peace movement - the Peace Tree Foundation. Isabella accompanied Matthias to the sun dance in 2009 and recognized that the Peace Tree Foundation is their joint task. Through her many travels and work with difficult children, her desire is to bring peace to the children.

The vision of the Peace Tree Foundation is to plant peace trees around the world in order to connect with the entire creation; to bring back to nature, the trees, the animals and the people and to contribute to peace. 


Mamo Guney Maku



Mamo Guney Maku is an emissary of the Arhuaco people of the Sierra Nevada. The Arhuaco see themselves as the guardians of the earth. After the arrival of the Spaniards, the survivors retreated to the inaccessible mountains and lived here completely seperated from the rest of the world until the modern age. The mission of the Mamos, the wise, is to provide balance on the spiritual and material levels. All people should learn again to understand and respect the earth.

Although a large forest fire has recently destroyed vast areas, Mamo Guney Maku and Mamo Ricardo will travel to us.


Mamo Ricardo



Mamo Ricardo is an emissary of the Arhuaco people of the Sierra Nevada.


This is a short message from the perspective of Mamos:

"As a descendant of Mamos' maternal lineage, I share the message with you all to find a better way of life. We respect the differences in people, but for Mother Earth we are one. There should be nothing between us humans to work together for the protection of the earth, the holy mother of all. Words and projects may sound nice, but it is much nicer when they are reflected in action. We Mamos want to be people who create harmony and balance with the universe."

Anciano Pasal (The one who serves his people)



Anciano Pasal was traveling in many countries around the world. First as a tourist, then as a seeker, then as a knower, then Wise Men have given him names: in Africa = convalescent hands, in Asia: Swami Prem Apurvam, South America Pluma blanca and Anciano Pasal.

Names that show him the way to do what he lives from the heart. He is always invited to the elders, the Abuelos, Hates, Mamos, Ancianos and the elders of the women of the peoples of Colombia in their mambeos, circulos de palabras, ceremonies.

People who Anciano Pasal encounters often say, "Thank you for being there, for feeling your strength and energy!" The real name, however, is SILENT = to be there.

Tatiana Branoff



Tatjana grew up in a family of artists, headed for 8 years Indian projects in Styria and is an initiated and globally recognized shaman. She lived and learned from and with Aztecs, Maya, Maoris, Aborigines, Inuits, Susquehannocks, Lakotas, Blackfeet and the indigenous council of the grandmothers. She represented the Indigenous people of Europe at a big international tribal meeting in Montana, USA. Tatjana is a singer and has undertaken with her husband Bernd Bechtloff a research trip in the Atlantic on the subject of "communication with whales and dolphins through the medium of music". Furthermore, she and her husband founded the "Institute for Paleolithic Tribal Knowledge" - WACHELAIA.

Clara Soaring Hawk

New York, USA


Grandmother Clara Soaring Hawk is Deer Clan Chief of the Ramapough-Lenape, respecting the knowledge and teachings of her ancestors and their spirituality. She is a committed environmentalist, especially for water. She worked tirelessly to stop the Pilgrim Pipeline in New Jersey and New York, protecting Ramapough's land and sacred sites.

Together with grandmother Nancy Andry and grandmother Margret Behan she can be seen in the Water Song Project and the Algonquin Water Song. It is a worldwide project of women to raise awareness for the protection of water in order to preserve it for future generations.

Nancy Andry

Conneticut, USA


Grandmother Nancy has ancestors from the tribe of Algonquin and France. She follows the Red Path since childhood and studied with different elders. Her first two teachers were Lakota, one of them a medicine man. An Ojibwa medicine woman and a Mi'kmaq grandmother later adopted her. She has taught for many years, is a sun dancer and pipe carrier. In her community, she is called as an elder and grandmother. Grandmother Nancy is a gifted storyteller and likes to share her knowledge. She also works for the Joined Nations of Conneticut, a youth organization and much more. In addition to her spiritual duties she likes to dedicate herself to horses and veterinary medicine.

Wiruungga Dunggiirr



Wiruungga is from the Namba Gumbaynggar Nation, in New South Wales, Nambuka Haeds. He is an elder of the Namba Gumbaynggar Nation. Wiruungga teaches Aboriginal studies in spiritual healings, bush tucker, bush medicines, dance, tradition art and tools. He shares rituals and ceremonies from the Never-Never. His culture was given to him by his family. For more than 40 years he has been doing ceremonies, rituals, Walk about….all that. He shares his knowledge and culture, because it is necassary  to share their culture with the non-indigenous people and their own indigenous people to keep the culture alive. It s a Healing culture. The Wiruungga organisation builds bridges and brings clothes, builds gardends and more to remaind comunities to support them:

Garra (Blue Dragonfly)



Gara is from Suriname, South America. Her grandmother was a medicine woman and passed this on to her granddaughter Garra. She is still very much connected to her grandmother, through dreams. Garra's job is work in the heart and soul level. Their mission is to remind people of their beauty, their inner strength and wisdom, and their inner peace. She is "Master of Magnified Healing", her work comes from her experience, the guidance of her ancestors, and the knowledge of "magnified healing". In their ceremonies and their healing work, music, songs and "light language" are the medium to immerse oneself deeper in one's own being. She especially loves working with her husband Wiruungga and is deeply moved that the ancestors brought her back together to share her knowledge and traditions with people.

Masami Saionji 



Masami Saionji comes from the Royal Ryuku family from Okinawa and studied in Japan and the USA. At a young age she became a master (Shihan) in classical Japanese dance. Masami Saionji was inspired by the vision of peace of the philosopher Masahisa Goi and eventually became his successor. She is chairwoman of several peace organizations around the world, such as the Goi Peace Foundation (Japan), World Peace Prayer Society (New York) and many more. Masami Saionji is involved in peace work alongside her literary work. IT IS NOT POSSIBLE  FOR HER TO PARTICIPATE IN OUR EVENT. Therefore, she sends two representatives: Dagmar Berkenberg and Mary McQuaid.

Dagmar Berkenberg

(represenative for Masami Saionji)



 We thank Dagmar Berkenberg for representing Masami Saionji in the Council of Elders! She is Manager May Peace Prevail on Earth International e.V. Europe office in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany. It hosts a variety of peace message activities (Goi Peace Forum, peace posts, worldwide children's essay and painting competitions, etc.).