How a 70 year old vision came true

An elder from Greenland had a vision in a dream when he was just 14 years old, about 70 years ago: "A time will come, when a Native American travels to Greenland. He will come with a very special prayer-pipe which will bring a change.


Johannes never forgot about this dream. Through a call by the spiritual world, Oyaté-tha-Tacan’sina followed an invitation to a gathering of elders in Greenland in 2017.




When Oyaté-tha-Tacan’sina and the over 80 year old Johannes met for the first time, Johannes bursted into tears. He said: "I saw you with this exact prayer pipe long time ago in my dream. After such a long time, you are finally here!"

It was a very emotional moment for everyone. After the first hug, they were inseparable during the rest of the time.



The elders were concerned, because the glaciers stopped talking to them. The ice was melting continuously and it did not seem to end. The ancestor-elders called for a ceremony. In this ceremony the island Greenland was connected again to the land. During the ceremony clear pictures were shown. That´s how it was long time ago: The ice was so vast that it was possible to go by canoe from the land (North America) to the island. The distance was getting bigger with time. At some point the distance was too far, it was not possible anymore to reach the island by canoe. A few groups of people stayed on the island - the ancestral ancestors of the people of Greenland. In the ceremony this connection to the ancestral roots was renewed.


Shortly after the ceremony, the glacier started talking again. The glacier calved, one piece broke off with loud thunder and a wonderful blue ice surface showed. In Canglesa-Takata, a ceremony of prayer for the spirits of the glaciers is made every day since.



The great-grandmother and grandmother of Oyathé-tha-Tacan’sina came from the people of the Hurons. They had spoken about how their ancestors had visited their brothers and sisters in Greenland by canoe. As it was then – on the level of the ancestors there was a bridge between Greenland and Canada once again.


Many things were moved by this visit to Greenland and Oyathé-tha-Tacan’sina brought the task to organize a further gathering of elders back to Europe. “Mother Earth needs help” – that was the message of the first gathering of elders organized by Canglesa Takata in 2018 and it is continued in 2019.