The legend of the white buffalo calf woman

In 1753 a vision came to different Native American tribes (Hopi, Zuni, Navayo, Cheyenne, Shawanee, Mandan, Cree, …) at the same time. In the vision it was said: “ … A summer will come, when a white buffalo calf is born. When this white calf is born, the Native Americans will lose their path.”


In 1890 this white buffalo calf was born. In this year, the Native Americans were forced to abandon their path of freedom and spirituality, because they were forced into reservation and they nearly became extinct.


In the same vision it says: “… many summers will pass, before another white buffalo will be born. This is the sign that the Native Americans will return to their path.”


In 1994 a white buffalo calf was born in Nevada (USA). Since this time, Native Americans started to live their spirituality again. The old ceremonies are practiced again. Since 1976, Native American have their freedom of religion again.


The vision went on:

“… after a short period, a summer will come, that brings four white buffalo calves at the same time. When these white calves are born and survive four summers, Ptecin´cala Ska Wakan Winan (White buffalo calf woman) will come and bring humans the new cosmic laws.”

In the summer of 2000, four white buffalo calves were born in four different places in North America. These calves were hidden and protected in changing places, because there were orders to kill these calves.

In the summer of 2004, the four white buffalo calves were safely released into freedom. 


The legend of the white buffalo calf woman has come to Europe

Exactly at the beginning of the first Help-Mother-Earth-gathering in Wolfratshausen (D) on Monday, the 30th of May 2018 a white buffalo calf was born in Europe! The first European white Buffalo was born at the Zoo of Belgrade/Serbia. A symbol of hope!


Let us unite our visions and those of our peoples to a common vision! Let's support Mother Earth through our gathering together in change. Through our meeting, may we bring the hearts of people on all continents into a common vibration to create the New Age.