Dear brothers and sisters, dear Elders,


the familiar world stands still, at least in large parts.

This standstill also has a great impact on our visions and plans. At present, we cannot make progress on the Great Gathering Help Mother Earth 2020, especially the obtaining of financial means is not possible, the venue has closed, and there is also hardly any air traffic at the moment.

All this leads us to inform you that the Great Gathering Help Mother Earth 2020 will not take place as planned from September 2 - 6, 2020 in Bad Blumau, Austria, but will be postponed to 2021.

But this will not harm the unity. On the contrary, it can and must be deepened now.

In the previous HME gatherings the elders participating agreed among themselves that once a week - every Thursday - they will be in contact with each other in their own way and in their own time, in deep prayer for Mother Earth and the New Era.

Therefore, we remember the Thursdays and our common ceremony, and call on again to connect every week.

Best wishes to each one of you, lots of strength and blessings in all your doing.

We‘re confident that the vision of Tunka'shila-the-Eldest will manifest, and we‘re allready looking forward to meet again personally during the Great Gathering Help Mother Earth next year.


Oyaté-tha-Tacan'sina and HME-team

Help Mother Earth


28. - 29. August 2021

is an international meeting of nominates from the elders of peoples,

their delegates, and the teachers of universal wisdoms.

The aim is to raise consciousness how deeply everything is connected,

and the consequences of our doing and actions.

Mother earth provides us with everything we need for living. Are we aware of that?

We take from her, without giving back.

Appreciation and respect for mother earth have been lost.

It is time to rethink, to effect change, in order to leave an intact environment for generations to come.

Together we make that change happen and create the basis for a new era!