Dear sisters and brothers, dear Elders,


due to the global situation, our big Help-Mother-Earth assembly 2021 will not take place in Bad Blumau, Austria as planned.


We are gravitating towards an Elder meeting in Latin America to continue the great vision that was given by Tunka’shila the Eldest. We are as everyone bound by travel restrictions, now and in future.


Heartfelt gratitude to all who have supported Help-Mother-Earth in any way, and to all who will do so in the future.


During past meetings, the Elders have agreed to connect once a week on Thursdays - each in their own way and time - into deep prayer for Mother Earth and the New Era. Therefore, we remind you of the Thursday ceremonies and call upon you to join in the Thursday connection.


All the best wishes to all of you, much strength in all your endeavors, and multiple blessings upon you.


We trust that the vision of a great Help-Mother-Earth meeting will manifest. Looking forward with much joy to our next get-togethers!


Tunka'shila-tok-a-tatenéka and HME-Team 2020


Help Mother Earth

is an international meeting of nominates from the elders of peoples,

their delegates, and the teachers of universal wisdoms.

The aim is to raise consciousness how deeply everything is connected,

and the consequences of our doing and actions.

Mother earth provides us with everything we need for living. Are we aware of that?

We take from her, without giving back.

Appreciation and respect for mother earth have been lost.

It is time to rethink, to effect change, in order to leave an intact environment for generations to come.

Together we make that change happen and create the basis for a new era!