in 2017 Tunka'shila-tok-a-tatenéka received an invitation to Greenland. There emerged with certainty, that it is of utmost importance to invite nominated elders from different peoples for a meeting.

A year later, in 2018, the first elder meeting organized by Canglesa Takata took place in Germany. The elder network began forming, joint ceremonies took place, and we humans were given the call to sensitize our consciousness to all life on Mother Earth once again.


This occasion was graced by the highly auspicious first-time birth of a White Buffalo Calf in Europe, precisely at the same time. The very rare arrival of White Bison Calves is, according to one vision, a sign for historic change. Amongst First Nations the White Bison Calf Woman is the intermediator of holy ceremonies. Quote from the vision:


“ a short time, there will be a summer, that will bring at the same time four White Bison Calves. When these White Bison Calves have come to Earth, and when they have lived four summers (are four years old), the Ptecin’cala Ska Wakan Winan (White Buffalo Calf Woman) will come and deliver to us humans the new cosmic laws.” 


Bringing together Elders from all over the world, creates an opportunity to exchange wisdom, visions, ceremonies and perspectives. The Congress cumulates when the Elders present their messages during a public council meeting.


All participants join together in the joyous celebration of the Great Earth Healing Ceremony, a ritual commissioned to Tunka'shila-tok-a-tatenéka by the Universe during a Grand Vision Quest.


The second Help Mother Earth Congress took place in Bad Blumau, Austria. The Elder Congress of Help Mother Earth has initiated movement across the board. Meaningful exchange amongst participants, and joint ceremonies and prayers have created a global network aiming at healing Mother Earth. Each further Congress shall strengthen the network, and intensify the work.


If you are touched by this vision, become a participant and join the Elders 

  • during the Public Council
  • taking part in the Great Earth Healing Ceremony

to experience the heart connection in prayer, chants and ceremonies!



The non-profit Canglesa-Takata “Circle of the Future” was founded to create consciousness for Mother Earth, to preserve and teach Native healing wisdom, and the practice of natural religions. The non-profit is ideologically independent, does not take sides in party politics, and its range of action spans the whole world.


The non-profit Canglesa-Takata “Circle of the Future” is committed to the following goals:


- to pass down indigenous knowledge, wisdom and spirituality - per the indigenous way 


- to share indigenous wisdom in order to preserve Mother Earth and Nature.


- Support of Wicasa Wakan and its spiritual projects


- Support of individuals under strain, by financial and material means 


These goals shall be attained by means of proliferation of indigenous wisdoms and ceremonies, through seminars, lectures and by dissemination through the internet.