The legend of the White Buffalo Calf Woman



 In 1753 the same vision came to different Indian peoples (Hopi, Zuni, Navayo, Cheyenne, Shawnee, Mandan, Cree, etc.) at the same time. 


The vision said: "... a summer will come, a white bison calf will be born. When this white calf is born, the red man will soon leave his path ”.


This white bison calf was born in 1890. In 1890, the Indian had to leave its path of freedom and its natural religion - through the forced instructions to the reserves. The "white man" defeated the "red man", almost exterminated it.


In the same vision it said “...many summers will pass, then another white bison calf will be born. This is the sign that the Red Man is coming back on his path ”.

In 1994 a white bison calf was born in Nevada / USA. Since then, the Indians have been living deeply in their old natural religion. The old ceremonies are practiced again, the sun dance is performed again, etc. Since 1976 the Indians finally have their religious freedom again.

 The vision continues:

"... a summer will come after a short time, which will bring four white bison calves at the same time. When these white calves are born and are four summers (years old), the Ptecin´cala Ska Wakan Winan (white buffalo calf woman) comes and brings people the new Cosmic Laws ”.


 In the summer of 2000, four white bison calves were born in four different locations in North America. These calves were kept hidden in strictly guarded locations in constantly changing locations in North America. Because there were people commissioned by the highest authority to kill the calves. In the summer of 2004, the four white bison calves were released without damage after their fourth birthday.



Let us all help, by means of our prayers to prepare the ground for the return of the white buffalo calf woman - to receive the new cosmic laws!


We are very happy, because right at the beginning of the first meeting of elders on 30th of May 2018, the first white bison calf was born in Europe!



Let us unite our visions and those of our peoples into a common vision! Let us support Mother Earth through our gathering powerfully in change. May we bring the hearts of people on all continents into a common vibration through our meeting in order to create the New Era.