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Tunka'shila-tok-a-tatenéka spent many years with his Grandfather Tunka'shila, the Eldest of the Numakaki Mandan tribe, on Turtle Island / Canada. Tunka'shila-tok-a-tatenéka works in the tradition of his ancestors and the Natives of America in North-, Middle- and South America and in Europe for many years. By order of the ancestors, he expands Native American wisdom to Europe. He is a medicine man and a Wicasa Wacan who founded Canglesa Takata (Circle of the future).

Since 2017 he got the task from the elders to start these gatherings for Mother Earth.


Nancy Andry 

Conneticut, USA 


Grandmother Nancy has Algonquin and French ancestors. Since her childhood days she has been following the Red Path and she has been taught by several elders. Her first two teachers were Lakota, one of them was a medicine man. Later she was adopted by an Ojibwa medicine woman and by a Mi'kmaq grandmother. She is an experienced teacher, sun-dancer and carrier of the sacred pipe. Grandmother Nancy is a gifted storyteller and loves to pass on her knowledge. She works for Joined Nations of Conneticut, for a youth organisation and many others. Beside her spiritual work she loves horses and is interested in medicine for animals. Nancy has an unbelievable big heart and her cheerfulness adds a wonderful energy to our big gathering Help Mother Earth.


Robin Youngblood



Robin is grandmother and eldest of the Okanagon/Tsalagi nation in the north-western USA.

For many years she has been learning and teaching the traditions of her own ancestors and the wisdom of Siberian Polynesian and Aboriginal elders. She travels around the world to build a bridge between indigenous cultures and modern cultures. She initiated council meetings of grandmothers in different countries and is spokeswoman of The Earth Foundation, the council of grandmothers. Robin is author of the book: The Path oft the White Wolf.


I believe, that the only way to create harmony and to establish strong and healthy communities in our times, is to synchronize ourselves with the natural rhythms of Mother Earth through rituals and ceremonies. We have to remember, that all of us are connected in the network of creation. It is my hope, that I can share what I have been taught ant that it will help everyone to remember this natural connection. So a new world can come into creation."

Thomas Arculeo



Born in 1957, in Heidelberg, Germany, as a son of the northern American Haudenosaunee (Iroquois), Thomas grew up in his Western-oriented foster family as well as in the middle of his people in New York State. At the same time, he was learning, as a child and in his youth, with his 74- year-old Shaolin master / Medical Tai-Chi and Qui-Gong, for seven years.

Later on, there were, next to family and work, studies of medicine, psychology and street work at stake, in NYC as well as in other big cities. He also had teachers in India, Peru and Nigeria.

30 years ago, a council of the indigenous elders of North America was held with more than 60 indigenous nations. Thomas was chosen to go to Europe and build bridges between the "western" and the "indigenous" world. He came back with the impulse to awaken the indigenous awareness in Europe and prepare the ground for the European indigenous roots. Since then he’s been living in Austria and set up many stone circles and he created tree circles as sensitive “anchors” (Bad Pirawarth, Bad Waltersdorf, Kittenberger Erlebnisgärten in Schiltern, Burg Rastenberg,...). These places contain huge amount of information which can be perceived as “ideas” or “visions” by the receivers of this vibrancy. In Austria, Thomas Arculeo is also working as a musician, artist and social psychologist for Caritas and other organizations and passes on his enormous experience in single and family sessions.

Elisabeth Petrussen Rosing 



Elisabeth is a representative of the elders of Greenland and drum dancer.

She plays the traditional drum in deep connection with her roots and her ancestors. Through her songs a bridge of the heart is built to the ancient times. In the 80s she came in touch with the drum for the first time.

 She started painting drums, making drum sculptures and finally build her own drums. She learned how to play and dance with the drum. Now she passes on her skills to children.

Mamo Ricardo



Mamo Ricardo is sent to us by the Arhuaco people in the Sierra Nevada.

This is a short message from the Mamo point of view:

„As a descendant of the motherline of Mamos I share this message with all of you to find a better way of life. We respect the differences between humans, but for Mother Earth we are one. Nothing should stand between us humans to work united for the protection of the Earth, sacred Mother of all.

Words and projects may sound good, but it is much better when they become visible in our actions. We Mamos want to be humans, who create harmony and balance with the Universe."

Mamo Guney Maku



Mamo Guney Maku is an ambassador of the people of Arhuaco from the Sierra Nevada. The Arhuaco see themselves, like the Kogi, as the keeper of the earth. After the arrival of the Spanish, the survivors withdrew into the insufficient mountains of the Sierra Nevada and have lived there completely secluded until modern times. The task of the Mamos, the wise men, is it to provide balance on the mental and the material level. Every Mamo is chosen at birth since it is necessary to have certain abilities which only very few people have. With the help of his mentor he starts a special training in his early years about the secrets of nature and creation, which takes about 15-20 years. All human beings should re-learn to understand and to respect the earth.

Anciano Pasal (Who serves his people)



Anciano Pascal has travelled many countries of the earth. First as a tourist then as someone who searches, then as a someone who sees, then the wise ones of the peoples started giving him names: in Africa=healing hands, in Asia: Swami Prem Apurvam, in Southamerica:  Pluma blanca und Anciano Pasal.

Names that show him the way to doing what he’s living from the heart. He gets consistently invited by the Elders, the Abuelos, Hates, Mamos, Ancianos and the female Elders of the peoples of Columbia into their mambeos, circulos de palabras, ceremonies.

 People who meet Anciano Pascal often report:

“Thank you for being here and for letting us feel your power and energy.”


The actual name, however, is silence=being present in the being.

Ana Beatrize Perez de Saladin



Ana Beatrize is the keeper of the herbal medicine and a designated cook. Her spiritual name is “Madre Colibri”.  She is carrying on the wisdom and the knowledge about healing of her female ancestors who used to be indigenous healers and midwives. She comes from a people that is now extinct. With her cheerful and spirited way and her deep connection to mother earth and everything that she’s providing us with, even cooking becomes a spiritual artform. Many big and small groups have had the pleasure of finding out.

Ana Beatrize is now walking the path of medicine together with her husband Anciano Pascal.

Madre Abuela Blanca



Abuela Blanca comes from the people of the Muisca de Suba and is called Great Keeper of the ceremonies, of song and of the rituals for Mother Earth and for the people. She is the indigenous midwife and keeper of the medicine of the ancestors. With her family she is taking care of and maintaining a sacred area, wetlands. Every week they do ceremonies to protect these sacred places and to maintain its power. Abuela Blanca is working with children a lot and she

makes sure that the sacred knowledge of the ancestors and of mother earth is being passed on and lived.

She was invited to the big medical congresses in Columbia, Mexico, Venezuela. Furthermore, she is a co-writer of some of the books about the medical knowledge of her ancestors. Abuela Blanca is also working in a medical center with focus on tuberculosis prevention.

Shirley Djukurna Krenak




Shirley is a keeper of remembrance, language, culture and the traditions of the ethnic group she belongs to: the Krenak. That is a people that used to be almost extinct and re-appeared these days. The Krenak want to live the power and the wealth of the tradition of Brazil’s indigenous civilization. The ecological disaster of the Rio Dulce in Brazil, that can be blamed on the mining, started the struggle for survival of this civilization. For indigenous communities the river is sacred: Not only is he an essential source of livelihood but also a place that is of utter importance for rituals and daily activities. Therefore, under the guidance of Shirley and other activists, the Krenak have been fighting for years to avoid such catastrophes and that the people in their areas can live in safety and can use and preserve the resources.

Ruben Monroe Saufkie Sr.

Hopi, USA


Ruben is a Hopi of the Water Clan and was one of the leaders of the 2006 H2OPI Water Run. The H2OPI water run was held to raise awareness of our Mother Earth and the water she has given us; if humanity does not take care of this gift for future generations there could be a day when we do not have it. More and more, the world community is recognizing what Hopi and indigenous peoples have been taught since time immemorial: “Water Is Life – We come from water and will return to water as mist” when our journey on earth ends. All waters are a sacred gift from the Creator and a precious birth-right for all living beings. All waters are part of a singular network of life – the great oceans and seas, the frozen waters and glaciers, the cosmic sea from which are born the clouds, snow and rains that nurture the plants, animals, birds, fishes, insects, reptiles and humankind.


Asha Andrasdottir Lakebrink



Asha is a wisdom keeper of Mother Earth, medicine woman, story teller and Volva (female shaman and seer of the ancient Nordic). Her roots lie in Iceland, Norway and the Scottish isles of Iona and Staffa. At many international events she is asked to do ceremonies. It is her concern to also honour the female energy through dance and song. The element of water is of great importance in her intention to go back to our own roots and to take up the knowledge of our ancestors. During the RainbowPeaceDance it is possible to connect on a deep level with the original dance of the Eurasien ancestors who were in complete harmony with the elements and all life on Mother Earth.

Isabella und Matthias Walter



At the age of 22 Matthias got to know his Native Teacher who, after 11 years of apprenticeship, invited him to the toughest and most sacred ritual of the Natives: the sun dance. There he got the vision to start a peace movement – the Peace Tree Foundation.

Isabella has accompanied Matthias to the sun dance in 2009 and realized there the Peace Tree Foundation is their mutual task. Through her many travels and the work with ineducable children it is her wish to give children an understanding of peace.

The vision of the Peace Tree Foundation is to plant peace trees around the globe to strengthen the connection to all of creation; nature, the animals, the trees and between people and so make a contribute on to world peace. The knowledge about the paths and possibilities of peace should be awakened in as many people as possible and with that doors should be opened to an appreciative cooperation. 2019 a peace tree was planted together in Bad Blumau. In 2020 Matthias is going to do a peace tree meditation with us to strengthen the network of peace trees even more.

Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech



Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech is a Yucatan Maya and since 1995 a member of the Continental Council of indigenous Elders and spiritual Leaders. He was a teacher and a secretary for public education in Mexico. Apart from that, he is the Co-writer of Mayan – Spanish books for primary school kids. Pedro Pablo Chuc Pech has given speeches in Germany, Spain, France and Columbia. He`s running groups to pass on Maya knowledge in his country and works in a Mayan cultural center. The focus is on traditionally passed on knowledge of sacred Mathematics and the Writing of Hieroglyphes, as well as the reading and writing of works in the Mayan language.




Jipijapa  is a medicine man in the direct family line in the tradition of XipiXapa Caraquis from Ecuador. His name refers to his origins and his descent. Jipijapa was given the task of bringing the traditional medicine of his home country to Europe. This task was given to him by Taita Marcos Bosques, the spiritual Leader of the Sacred Fire of the Red Path in Ecuador. He does Temazcal (sweat lodge), is an expert in medical plants and holds energetic cleaning and healing ceremonies. Apart from that he is also a member of the Wisdom Circle of the Union of Ancestral Traditions.

Peter Strauß



In his childhood, Peter Strauß spent as much time as possible outside in nature. After studying and working in all sorts of different professions, amongst others as a shepherd, gaffer and freelance artist, Peter started to walk his spiritual path together with Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq from Greenland.

Since then his work shop for ceremonial items, TULUKKAP ANERSAAVA, has been growing. TULUKKAP ANERSAAVA is Greenlandic and means the Spirit of the Raven. The respect for Mother Earth and the spirits of the animals, plants and stones is of utmost importance to Peter and is expressed in his artistic works.

Elisabeth Araujo

El Salvador


Grandmother Elisabeth Araujo was born and raised in El Salvador. She is a Wisdom Teacher in the tradition of the Maya. With her warmhearted and emphatic way she crosses all cultural boundaries and so touches the people on her many journeys around the world. Wherever Elisabeth is invited she brings harmony and balance to Mother Earth through her ceremonies and her taking part in the elders’ council. Her soft spirit and her clear intention create an atmosphere of acceptance, love and tolerance. Elisabeth is initiated into the traditional healing ceremonies of the Maya, with the Sacred Fire and she guides spiritual journeys to the sacred sites.

Ida Ayu Purnamawati



Ida Ayu Purnamawati, or Dayu, comes from an old family of Hindu priests and healers in Klingkung on the Indonesian island of Bali. Already at a young age Dayu had a deep-rooted longing for daily meditation and Yoga. All of which she is teaching at a spiritual center in the north of Bali. Dayu is living, as a woman priest, a humble life of empathy and devotion. A life that is reacting sensitively to the needs of others, with an open heart, towards all life. She combines practice and mystic, human and spirituality go hand in hand. Dayu is living her spirituality in the purest form as a path of the heart to support other people in becoming fully aware of themselves.

Luis Ricardo Tsakimp



Luis Ricardo is a Uwishin Shuar (literally traditional doctor, Shaman). The Shuar live in the Amazon basin of Ecuador. From a young age on, called a Uwishin by his fathers, he studied many years with different shaman. This education contains a year of isolation in the forest, in order to meet the spirits. Today he is one of the most popular shaman of Ecuador. It is his big concern to keep and protect the ancient traditions of the Shuar people, in Ecuador and in the whole world. Luis Ricardo is a member of the circle of wisdom for the protection of the ancestral traditions.

Koskanuba – Helmer Twoyoungmen

Morley/Alberta - Canada


Helmer is an elder for the people of the Stoney, an actor and a teacher. Like many of his brothers and sisters, Koskanuba, in his childhood, has witnessed the negative side of treating Native Americans, especially children. This has had a lasting impact on him and lead through hard times, even as an adult. He faced and worked off his trauma by truly forgiving. We experience Helmer as a funny person and his jokes are almost legendary. Especially when things are getting too serious you can count on a funny remark from him to loosen people up. He teaches the language of his people (Nakota) and stands up for the preservation of their culture.

Anita Sanchez Ph.D.



Anita was born into a Midwest family that was economically poor, yet rich in Mexican-American and Aztec Indian heritage. Dr. Sanchez is committed to connect indigenous wisdom with modern life. With her loving spirit, presence and skill, Anita inspires people around the world to discover and trust their gifts, to become life-giving connections to all. With four decades of providing training and coaching to tens of thousands of global leaders and their teams in diversity and inclusion, leadership, culture and positive change, she is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council with such luminaries as Jack Canfield, Marianne Williamson, John Gray, Lisa Nichols, and Lynne Twist. A passionate board member of Bioneers and of the Pachamama Alliance, Anita also leads an annual summer journey into the Ecuador Amazon Rainforest to learn about our connection to nature from the Achuar and Sapara dream culture tribes. Anita is author of the international bestselling “The Four Sacred Gifts: Indigenous Wisdom for Modern Times“ and she is co-author of different other books.

Giuliana - Treviso




Giuliana is Eldest in the Italian Clan of the Snake of the Canglesa Takata Tribe.

She was born and raised in a small community in Italy during war times. She and her family lived a simple life in close contact with nature and the animal kingdom, which she deeply loves and respects. In 2018 she joined the Canglesa Takata tribe to continue on her path, and to pass on her life experience teaching younger generations, within and outside of the tribe.



Giuliana’s message: “With humility and discretion, I appeal to all humans who love Mother Earth and who can provide financial support, to donate towards the great gathering of the Eldest in 2021, to help with expenses for travel, food and shelter... I thank you from the depth of my heart!”